If you are looking for a beautifully sensual yet perfectly comfortable piece of lingerie, you're certain to love our babydolls! Our lovely collection includes a wide variety of babydoll nighties in a range of styles, colors and fabrics designed to showcase your figure while minimizing any flaws. If you want a sweetly innocent babydoll to wear on your honeymoon, or if you're looking for something comfy yet sexy for everyday wear, you'll find styles and prices you're sure to love.

Babydoll Lingerie F.A.Q.

Babydoll Lingerie example
Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions we hear about babydoll lingerie.
  1. What is a babydoll?
    Babydoll lingerie is a lingerie style that features loose-fitting fabric that flows down from the bust area. Most of the styles carried by Intimate Wholesalers also have a form-fitting bust. Because of their loose fit, babydolls are some of the most comfortable pieces of lingerie to wear. Babydoll lingerie is also quite short - generally short enough to expose your underwear. Many of our babydolls come with matching underwear, and we also offer some sets with matching jackets or robes.
  2. Are all babydolls loose-fitting?
    While most babydoll styles have the loosely-flowing fabric off of the bust, some babydoll lingerie pieces tend to be more fitted, and are actually closer to a chemise than a standard babydoll. The pictures of our babydolls will show you just how fitted a particular babydoll is. Use this as your guide - if you can see the outline of the model's body in the product picture, then it probably isn't one of the loose-fitting styles.
  3. How do I know if the babydoll I selected comes with the underwear?
    If an item you have selected comes with underwear it will say in the description whether or not the underwear comes with it.
  4. What kind of body type is recommended for a babydoll?
    Babydolls are perfect for all body types. Since they are loose fitting, everyone looks good in a babydoll!
  5. What types of material does babydoll lingerie come in?
    Pretty much everything - we offer a variety of babydolls in charmeuse, lace, leather, vinyl, mesh, sheer, satin, and even rubber.
  6. What is a charmeuse babydoll?
    Charmeuse is a fabric similar to satin that is shiny and is not sheer - perfect for hiding any imperfections.