Whether you want to strut your stuff burlesque style, or capture your man's attention completely with a vintage lacy look, a gorgeous, well made corset will help you wrap him right around your finger. Retro pin-up corset styles have never been hotter, which is just one more reason you'll love the amazing variety of corset styles and sizes we have to offer. While some of these lusty beauties are meant for his eyes only, many of these hot corsets can be paired with your favorite jeans and worn for a hot night out!

Corset Lingerie F.A.Q.

Corset Lingerie example
Below are some of the most frequently-asked questions we hear from our customers about corset lingerie.
  1. What is a corset?
    A corset is a form-fitting garment that is designed to give your body that sexy hourglass figure while also offering support to the bust. Corsets generally having boning down the sides and a lace-up back, giving the wearer the ability to achieve a truly custom fit.
  2. Am I only supposed to wear the corset under my regular clothes?
    Not necessarily. Most of our corset styles are wearable as an outerwear top. While a few of our styles include attached garters, usually the included garters are removable, so you can wear the corset with your favorite jeans, pants or skirt for a sexy outfit.
  3. How do I decide what size to order?
    In order to select the correct size, we recommend sizing to your bust size first. Measure the fullest part of your bust and use that measurement to determine the correct size. Keep in mind that, because corsets are fully adjustable, a corset can expand an inch or two by loosening the lacing - it really all depends on how much skin you feel comfortable exposing in the back. If you find yourself falling in between sizes and don't want to expose any skin, you should opt for the larger size. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or send us a message and one of customer service representatives would be happy to help.
  4. What body type is best to wear a corset?
    The great thing about corsets is that any body type can wear one. Corsets are designed to give every figure a sexy hourglass shape.
  5. Are corsets comfortable to wear?
    A properly sized and laced corset will be very comfortable to wear. Many of our corsets have a zipper or front hook and eye closure, so you only have to lace it up once. We recommend asking a friend to help you lace your corset the first time to ensure a comfortable fit.